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Cockatoo Kids Club!

If you like having lots of fun, making new friends and sharing ideas on how to care for the environment the Cockatoo KIDS Club is for YOU!




For KIDS aged 6-15 years!

Why Cockatoos?

Western Australia is home to three species of black cockatoos, the Carnaby’s, Baudin’s and Forest Redtailed Black Cockatoo. Not long ago, these magnificent birds filled the skies. Sadly, mainly due to habitat loss, they are now under threat of extinction and desperately need our help.

The Cockatoo KIDS Club is a collaboration between the City of Canning, the City of Cockburn, the Canning River Eco Education Centre, Native ARC and Millennium Kids. The Cockatoo KIDS Club operates in both the Canning and Cockburn districts.

The Cockatoo KIDS Club is a great way for kids to:

  • Have fun outdoors;
  • Explore the natural environment;
  • Discover why cockatoos and other native wildlife are so special;
  • Tell their friends and family about wildlife;
  • Care for the environment; and
  • Make a difference! 

How do I get involved? 

It’s easy!

All it takes to become a ‘Cockatoo KID’ is to complete the application form and pay the yearly membership fee.

We will send you your starter Cockatoo KID pack in the mail.

What does my membership include?

You become part of a great team of Cockatoo KIDS who receive the following benefits.

  • A Cockatoo KIDS membership card;
  • Card holder with strap;
  • A Cockatoo KIDS Club membership certificate;
  • Invitation to up to 4 free events per year;
  • A quarterly newsletter with club updates on black cockatoo status; and
  • Cockatoo stickers.


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Since Native ARC is a non-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity and support of the greater community.  

All donations are greatly appreciated.