Native Animal Rehabilitation Centre

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Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering provides companies with the opportunity to develop staff skills, build teams and achieve social responsibility targets.

This information will assist in developing a corporate volunteering program (CVP) at Native ARC.

Getting your CVP started:

There are two types of volunteering we can provide for Corporate organisations.

  1. Team-Based Volunteering; and
  2. Skills-Based Volunteering.

Team-Based Volunteering:

As part of your volunteering program a small or large team of staff can be accommodated at the Centre. Projects often available include gardening, mulching, enclosure upgrades, painting, construction and Centre upgrades. Teams of 4-50 can be accommodated.

Skills-Based Volunteering:

This is where the CVP provides technical skills to assist Native ARC develop areas of need that requires specialised skill. The organisation works with the Centre to develop the project and then through mentoring and working off site. Perhaps your organisation can provide skills to Native ARC such development of new software, construction of new enclosures or development of a marketing package?

How do we book a CVP at Native ARC?

If you think we may be able to help your company organise a great experience for your team, email the Manager on